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In the fall of 1977 the Regional Technical Group (RTG) launched its repair work at the airport Plasy, which used to be district airport for West Bohemia at these times. Before that, the RTG provided its services at the airport Plzen-Bory, but in 1975 the premises of RTG were handed over to the military establishment. That’s the reason why the technical group was moved to the airport Letkov. But the RTG served there just for two years and then was moved to Plasy Airport in 1977.

The premises of old hangar were offered for PTS in Plasy. The Technical Services Department (TSD) was established under the patronage of the Aeroclub of the Czech Republic (AeČR) after the Regional Aeroclub Svazarm abolition in 1993 and started maintenance services and repairing services on airplanes of the AeČR and other operators.

The reconstruction of the premises began gradually. We’ve carried out full thermalinsulation, new boiler room construction, new lighting, flooring, new hangar door and extension of workroom. All our facilities fully meet the requirements of the civil aviation authority, which is confirmed by regular audits. AeČR canceled the TSD in the fall of 2012 and all employees were dismissed. 14 engineers were employed in total during its operation.

That’s why the management of the Aeroclub Plasy o.s. decided to establish its subsidiaries Letecky Servis Plasy Ltd. which was launched by December 1st 2012 with previous AeČR employees and facilities. Letecky Servis Plasy Ltd. is authorized to perform maintenance with reference number CZ.MF.0046. We are also certified as continuing airworthiness management organization CAMO with reference number CZ.MG.0079.


K letišti 404
331 01 Plasy
Czech Republic
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 tel.: 724 072 475
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